We all have a story, a journey, and a life purpose....
so do our teas.

--Twisted Teahouse

Our Journey

It's more than TEA and cupcakes

Enjoying a cup of tea has been passed down throughout our family, from generation to generation, as a moment to share stories, snuggle up together, and relax. However, the health benefits of drinking tea have been in the forefront of our minds, ever since finding out that our Mother, and Founder of Twisted Teahouse, is fighting an autoimmune disease.

Twisted Teahouse was reopened by her son, with hopes to carry on her dreams and wishes to leave behind a legacy that would touch the lives of everyone who enjoys the health benefits of a cup of tea with us! Please take a moment to think about the little things in life that make you smile.

– Twisted Teahouse

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